Sustainable Development

We act with foresight, taking responsibility of our future generation. Our strategy for management and sustainability is built upon three essential dimensions: environmental, social and economic sustainability
Social Responsibility
As a successful company, it is our responsibility to “give back” to the society which we active in. It is a desire to improve the lives of individual, people around us, in the region, and around the globe.

PLASCO recognize the importance of being socially conscious. For us, sustainability also means to take social responsibility for our employees, for future generations, and the regions we are active in. We are active sponsor of education and cultural activities, we support number of institutions located in the region, because we place our main emphasis on training young people, we support various project and program to fulfill our long-term commitment to education and cultural institutions.
As an employer and business partner, we share the responsibility for the long-term success of company and our business partner.
Environment Sustainability
As an engineer of plastic extrusion technologies, we have the opportunity to directly contribute for an energy efficient machinery, we maintains a strong focus for environmental sustainability, design our extruder for maximum efficiency, energy saving, economizing on raw material, and minimize waste throughout the process.

  • Offers optimized extruder excels in efficiency and output with energy saving concept.
  • Our innovative extrusion lines has been and continues to focused on reduce energy consumption, and this continuous to be our goal.
  • Continuous improvement in modern technologies, developing intelligent controllers, precise technology and high level of automation to minimize material and energy waste.
Economic Sustainability
PLASCO understand long term success rely on quality employees, we therefore place significant attention to staff education, implement an education and training program, so that staff always have a chance to update their knowledge, strengthening personal competitiveness with better skills and a positive attitude which ultimately benefit company to operate more efficiently.
We consider Economic sustainability as one key element can lead the company to success, we operate our economic sustainability strategy on interconnected frameworks that include:

  • Staff Education to update the knowledge and securing know-how.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in our manufacturing facilities
  • Friendly workplace, fair employment opportunity and a safe working environment.
  • Employ benefit, with regular staff dinner, annual overseas trip, friendly company atmosphere and a flexible work environment for work-life balance.
  • A focus on lean initiatives and driving market partnerships
  • Internal and external long-term business developments