JC-CX Series

Multilayer Co-Ex Blown Film Line

The JC-CX series Multi-layer Blown Film Co-Extrusion Line is available in two layer, three layer, and up to five layer configuration based on a modular concept producing variety of quality film over various industries.

Combines high output with excellent film quality, the line is designed to produce films for a wide range of application.

From general purpose packing film or lamination film, of complex technical film or food packaging with high grade barrier properties, JC-CX series coextrusion blown film line has convincing solution to every customer’s need.

Technical Data

MODEL Layer Applicable Material Film Layflat Width Film Thickness Extrusion Capacity Screw Diameter
JC-3CX1100     1000 mm 0.025 - 0.25 mm 220 kg/hr Ø 50 / 55 / 50
JC-3CX1500 Three Layer Co-extrusion LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA 1400mm 0.025 - 0.25 mm 320 kg/hr Ø 55 / 65 / 55
JC-3CX1800     1700mm 0.025 - 0.25 mm 450 kg/hr Ø 65 / 75 / 65
JC-3CX2300     2200mm 0.025 - 0.25 mm 550 kg/hr Ø 75 / 90 / 75


Agriculture Film
Industrial Film
Shrink Film
Barrier Film
Express Bag
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